Commercial and Industrial HVAC

C&C Mechanical is the HVAC provider of choice for commercial properties across the State of Utah. We offer heating and cooling installation, maintenance, and replacement. Your business relies on your HVAC system, and we help you keep your industrial property or your office comfortable year-round. C&C understands the HVAC heating and cooling needs of commercial businesses. We are here to provide expert services for all makes and models of equipment.

We have a flawless reputation for practical, honest evaluations of commercial HVAC systems. We have the resources to do all aspects of your repair and maintenance project. You can trust C&C to do it to your satisfaction. When it comes to faulty systems, we can find the problem, regardless of the age of the system. Once we locate it, we empower you by letting you know all your options. You can choose the one that makes the most sense for your situation and your budget.

Commercial HVAC

Our commercial HVAC technicians are very proficient in all types of heating and cooling equipment. We service all kinds of commercial buildings, specializing in repair, service, and replacement of all HVAC equipment.

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Industrial HVAC

We service industrial cooling and heating equipment. We also offer custom maintenance programs. These programs keep your HVAC equipment running and reduce unexpected downtime.

What’s the Difference Between Commercial/Industrial and Residential HVAC?

Residential HVAC service providers work with the air conditioning and home heating market, while their commercial counterparts take care of industrial and business installations. Large buildings need colossal heating and cooling units. The scale of work is different, but the principles are the same. 

Small contracting companies tend to dominate the residential space. This sector of the HVAC market has a lower barrier to entry.

Commercial and residential HVAC units differ in the following ways:

A residential HVAC unit is much smaller than a commercial one as it needs to heat or cool a much smaller space.

Owners of commercial and industrial buildings usually place HVAC systems on the roof. They may also put them in swamp coolers. You will find residential units on the sides of the house or in the backyard.

Commercial and residential HVAC systems also vary in structure.

A residential unit drains in a single pan placed outside the house. The drainage system of a commercial HVAC system consists of several pans and pipes. Their function is to reduce the risk of flooding and to ensure complete evaporation.

Manufacturers make residential HVAC systems as standalone units. Commercial units are modular.

We even offer same day service, next day installations, and we never charge extra for emergency A/C repair.

Why We’re the Best

HVAC systems service is an essential part of any building. It doesn't matter if you run an industrial plant or operate a commercial business.  These services are crucial for anybody running a successful business. We at C&C Mechanical pride ourselves on providing our customers with the services they need. We ensure that their systems stay operational when they need them most.

At C&C Mechanical, we understand the importance of keeping your facilities running. We know how necessary it is to ensure that your employees and customers are comfortable. That’s why we offer a full range of industrial and commercial HVAC services in Utah. Our technicians undergo continuous training. We help them to stay in tune with the latest developments in the industry. 

You can count on C&C Mechanical to only use the highest quality products for your property. We offer comfort control solutions that will help you to save energy and money. Our services include ductwork, gas lines, and refrigeration. We also do indoor air quality, AC and heating services, and planned maintenance.

Our skilled, licensed, trade qualified technicians are the best in the industry. Our team covers most industries, including education, the private and public sectors, food processing, health, and hospitality. We also work with facility and property managers and corporate offices. Our team also serves the retail and automotive industries. C&C Mechanical has over 20 years of providing air conditioning management services.

Our technicians have certifications in installing and maintaining C&C Mechanical HVAC equipment. Give us a call, regardless of the size or complexity of your unit. Call C&C when the heat or AC in your industrial or commercial building goes down. Our technician will come to inspect your system and assess the situation right away. You can also opt for a planned maintenance schedule, which will reduce your need for repairs. 

Why Choose Us?

C&C Mechanical can service any commercial or industrial HVAC application. Why? Because we have the best technicians. Our extensive mechanical services include equipment replacement and repair. We also offer full-service and preventive maintenance programs and emergency service response. Call us today for your custom industrial HVAC solution.

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